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thousand m2


stationary lifts


cranes between 3 and 5 T


compressed air installations, technical gases, fume exhaust system, heating

Park maszynowy

Cutting machines

Cięcie strumieniem wody

Water jet cutting STM WS 3020 PREMIUM

Cutting area: 2000x3000 mm
Maximum thickness of material - up to180mm
Cutting capacity: copper, rubber, glass, plastic, steel, stone, aluminium

Laser cutters Eagle FIBER (IPG Source 6 kW) + Crane Master 3T (full automatic)

Cutting area: 1500x3000 mm
Maximum cutting capacity:
Carbon steel – 25 mm
Stainless steel – 30 mm
Aluminium – 25 mm
Brass – 12 mm
Copper – 10 mm

Laser cutters
MEP SHARK 331 NC 5.0

Band cutting machines MEP SHARK 331 NC 5.0

  symmbol_1.png symmbol_2.png symmbol_3.png
00 mm 300 260 330x260
450 mm 260 250 270x200
600 mm 180 170 170x170
-450 mm 200 180 200x160

Oxygen-plasma cutter Eckert JANTAR

Cutting area: 2000x6000 mm
Maximum cutting capacity:
Cutting capacity for carbon steel /maximum cutting capacity – 35 mm
Cutting capacity for stainless steel / maximum cutting capacity – 50 mm
Cutting capacity for aluminium / maximum cutting capacity – 50 mm
Maximum thickness for oxygen cutting – 150 mm

Eckert Jantar

Bending machines

Boschert AMADA

Boschert AMADA

3 machines for bending materials up to 4 m long with the load up to 240 tons

Mechanical presses 40 tons

Mechanical press 160 tons

Welding robots


Black steel, aluminium, and stainless steel

EN 15085-2/CL1

Welding constructions max 5 T (option 10 T), length - up to 15 mb

automat spawalniczy
Panasonic TA-1800

Panasonic TA-1800


(2200 x 1100) x 500kg

robot reis

Milling cutters and lathes


Milling cutter

Workbench 320x1300 mm

Max. weight of a workpiece up to 300 kg

Quality control equipment

Ultrasonic flaw detector OLYMPUS OMNISCAN

Ultrasonic (UT) testing of sheets and welds

Defektoskop Ultradźwiękowy OLYMPUS OMNISCAN
Defektoskop OLYMPYS

Flaw detector OLYMPYS

For detecting cracks and fissures

Optical tracker NDI ProCMM

Measuring range up to 7,5m

The accuracy of measurement up to 20 um

Tracker Optyczny NDI ProCMM

Painting and blasting chambers


Painting chamber

2 chambers ventilated with ceiling-floor filters + heating 120 kW

volume 3 m x 4m x 11 m

Painting systems


Norsok C5-M

FROSIO inspector supervision

Blasting chamber

Blasting chamber with the automatic systemof recovering and cleaning blasting material

The size of the chamber: 11m x 6m x 5 m