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ASCO Co. Ltd. was established in 1987. In 30 years, it has achieved the position of a solid and reliable supplier of steel products and constructions. The Company specialises in fulfilling orders related to complex processing of black or stainless steel as well as aluminium in accordance with requirements made by Clients both from Poland and abroad.

Since the very beginning, ASCO Co. Ltd. has concentrated on technology advancement, research and innovation. A dynamic development of the Company has resulted in the increased number of orders and the expansion of its activity to new domestic and foreign outlets. The will for continuous development and improvement as well as creating both local and global market competition led to the expansion of the Company’s facilities in 2015 thanks to building the second office-production site. European funds that the Company successfully obtained have enabled implementing new, unique technologies that, in turn, have allowed Asco to be more competitive.

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30 years of experience
Continuous presence on the
international market,
export to EU (earlier to EEC 60-100%)
Continuous presence in the
steel and engineering sectors

New Holland

ASCO Co. Ltd. has been operating on the local market for many years and it has benefited from the experience gained in the cooperation with such companies as Kuhn S.A. from France, Tractel S. A. S. from France, Usines Claas from France, Bema Germany, Secalt S.A. from Luxemburg, CNH Płock, HAPAM Łódź, PESA Bydgoszcz, or Siemens, which our products are mainly targeted at. Goods offered by ASCO Co. Ltd can be assembled as finished products. Elements and components that we assemble in our products come from the best Polish and worldwide manufacturers (electric and electronic apparatus). A continuous and fast development of the Company has resulted in the expansion of its facilities thanks to building, among others, two painting chambers with preparatory zones and blasting machines.

Certified painting systems allow the Company to provide services to the most demanding Clients from wind farm and railway industries. Adding another special process caused the extension of the range of the offered services, which has enabled intensifying the close cooperation with the current Clients as well as gaining new demanding Clients, for instance, from the UK. Products that ASCO Co. Ltd. manufactures for its Clients are shipped, assembled and used in the whole world.



ASCO Co. Ltd. working mainly as a supplier for renowned European companies aims at delivering the finest goods and services in the field of manufacturing welded constructions, mechanical components and parts, assembling steel and non-ferrous metal products, particularly for construction and railway industries. Services in the area of water jet, laser, and plasma cutting, cold forming, machining, and wet painting.


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